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RockBox-PSGroove Installer 2.1.1

RockBox-PSGroove Installer 2.1.1 – released!

Change Log:

- CBL – Custom BootLoader (id10terror’s bootloader) support added I added and changed a little bit the installation process of the sansa’s BL.

Now you have the option to choose wich bootloader you want to install. - Fixed some bugs. You can update to 2.1.1 from 2.1 or download it:

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RockBox-PSGroove Installer 2.1

RockBox-PSGroove Installer 2.1 – released!

Change Log:

- RockBox-Psgroove Installer 2.1 weigh less than 5MB (2.0 weighs more than 25MB)

- Updater
RockBox-PSGroove Installer will check automatically if there is available update for download and will allow you to download it without opening any browser.

- Rewrote the Installation process again
Added a progress bar.
RockBox-Psgroove Installer 2.1 will download the required files just for your device.
Made the installation process of the iPods much more flexible.
Added a loader.cfg generator – It will auto-recognize if RockBox and\or iPodLinux are installed on your device and will add it to the iPL menu.
*Added support for id10terror‘s CBL (Custom Bootloader) wich means that you can store up to 4 diffrent payloads in the same time and launch them using different buttons.
You don’t need to select RockBox-PSGroove Installer’s directory anymore.
The iPL installation process use some .bat scripts that I wrote – This should fix any issues that occurred with the old installation process.
*CBL installation is currently disabled – I’ll activate it in a few days.

-loader.cfg Editor
loader.cfg Editor feature will allow you to customize your iPL menu.

Added support for cbl.cfg.
*I’ll update Plug-In Creator later.

- Fixed the “blinking” bug.

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RockBox-PSGroove Installer 2.0

RockBox-PSGroove Installer 2.0 – released!

I have been working the last 3 weeks at this.
This version has many changes, and as I can’t note them all, I’ll talk here about the main changes.

- RockBox-PSGroove Installer got a new look.
I didn’t like the old gray-style look, so I changed it to somthing with more alive colors.

- Rewrote all the installation proccess
I rewrote all the installation proccess code with a better one.

- 1 Click Installation.
This is a new feature that allow you to install PSGroove using 1 click.
It install the payloads you selected + the bootloader with one click!

- Multi-Payload Installation.
This is a new feature that allow you to install more than one payload into your device.

Also now RockBox-PSGroove Installer support 3 different payloads:

  1. Hermes+Waninkoko+Mathieulh – 3.41
  2. Hermes v4B – 341
  3. PL3 – 3.41
  4. PL3 – 3.15
  5. PL3 – 3.01

- Plug-In.
This is the most powerfull feature that I have added.
It allow me to support every payload and device without updating RockBox-PSGroove Installer.
*Use “Plug-In Creator” in order to create Plug-In.

That was the main changes that I have done in RockBox-PSGroove Installer 2.0.

Also I’m releasing today another tool, called Plug-In Creator – 1.0.
This tool will allow you to create Plug-Ins easily.

Before posting a question, please read the FAQ - It might answer your question.

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3.15 – Test

3.15 users:
Please test this and report me if it worked or not.

iPod Video – Download
iPod Nano 1G – Download
iPod 4G Grayscale – Download

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Sansa E200\E200R\C200 users

Sansa E200\E200R\C200 users:
Please test this little app that I built and report if the BL installation\unistallation succecsed or not.


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RockBox-PSGroove Installer – 1.1

Out of beta! :)

Change log:
1. Added auto iPL intallation.
2. Added a “Welcome” tab.
3. Added a check system, for already exist files\folders.
4. Fixed a lot of bugs.

For those who askes: It’s with Hermes’s Payload v1.


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RockBox-PSGroove Installer – 1.0b-2

Added support for sansa E200v1, E200R, C200v1 (including bootloader installation).
Fixed some bugs.


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RockBox-PSGroove Installer – 1.0b

I built a small program that allows easy installation of PSGroove on iPod devices.
It’s still in beta and it lacks of automatic installation of iPL. But it works pretty well.


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